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I've begun reading "A Game of Thrones" and the one thing I haven't been able to figure out is what the Lannisters stand to gain from their plotting-- Cersei is already Queen and her son will sit on the Iron Throne after her husband. She claimed to Jaime that she was afraid Robert would set her aside and take a new woman, but while he might be able to do that by their laws, I don't think, based on other times rule of succession has been mentioned, that this would disinherit Joffrey. But I think I finally figured it out-- Joffrey isn't Robert's son; he's Jaime's son. (Okay, yes, it was never mentioned *which* of her brothers Cersei was sleeping with but I don't think she'd sleep with Tyrion and regardless of Catelyn's opinion I don't think Tyrion is the type to toss a seven-year-old boy off a building.) That's what got Jon Arryn killed; he figured it out and started looking for Robert's sons to show how his sons take after him. That would explain why his dying words were about the seed breeding true.

I'm not really sure how that would really *prove* that Joffrey isn't Robert's son, though, because it's entirely possible for a son to just take after his mother a lot.

There are times when I think Daenerys ruling the Seven Kingdoms would be best for everyone if it wasn't likely to result in Ned and his family getting killed.

And these are awfully bloodthirsty books, though the death that irritates me the most, for some reason, is still Lady's death. I think because it was so completely senseless-- ordering Lady killed was a sop to Cersei's pride and bitchiness, nothing more. Sansa irritates me as a character because she insists on seeing Joffrey as a handsome gallant prince and blaming Arya for everything, but she didn't deserve to have her pet murdered like that.
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